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Taking Care of Your Feet - Beauty by Nia review

Recently I’d noticed that I look after my hands religiously (using hand creams every 5 minutes, washing them etc) but my feet never really got a look in. So now given the current quarantine situation, I’ve started taking better care of them. Even though I only use 2 products, this is what works best for me (and also right now I physically don’t have the space to store any more products…).

Organic Oils by Hema Magnesium Mint Foot Scrub

If you read my last post then you’ll know I absolutely love Organic Oils by Hema products, and this foot scrub has really helped to combat dry skin on my heels and leaves my feet feeling super soft after washing it off! It’s not abrasive at all, but it still properly exfoliates your feet which I absolutely love. I apply this once a week when my feet are dry, and then wash it off in the shower. To find out more about what the scrub contains and its benefits, have a look at my previous post on Organic Oils by Hema products!

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