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Self care in self isolation

It’s important that we all stay at home and follow government advice at this difficult time. It will of course be a strain on our mental and physical well being so here are some tips to help you through!

1. Make sure you stay active - we’re allowed to do one form of physical activity a day so use that time for a walk or a run as the fresh air will certainly help to clear your mind

2. Whilst it’s sunny get as much vitamin D as possible we don’t usually have the luxury of sun and warmth in the UK so this will help to lift spirits, can help fight depression, is beneficial for skin, hair and your body. Make sure you use your SPF50 to protect your skin from harmful rays!

3. Use the time to go natural! Don’t use heat in your hair, remove nail varnish and go makeup free, give your skin a chance to breath and grow out your eyebrows.

4. Oil your hair twice a week. Obviously this is on the list because now we have the time to really look after our hair and give it the nourishment it needs to grow healthily and thicker! Give yourself a good scalp massage too to help you relax.

5. Do a home workout, dance or Yoga session. There are so many amazing people offering classes on IG live and posting some great tips to help you keep fit. It’s fun and will get your heart rate pumping.

6. Try meditating daily - this can help to calm the mind and reduce and physical or mental stress or tension you may be experiencing. Simple breathing exercises can help too.

7. Keep in touch with friends and family - FaceTime is great at this time and also I’m enjoying playing 2 player games like Boggle and Scrabble on my phone which keeps me competitive and my mind stimulated.

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