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Late to the Party reviews our Magnesium Mint Foot Scrub


Since it's that time of year when we start baring all of our usually hidden bits to the world, I thought it was time to talk about my favourite foot scrub.

For once, I am not late to the party! I can rather smugly announce that my feet are always flip-flop ready because I've been using this gorgeous foot scrub all year round!

This is such a treat to use. The sugar and salt granules are just on the right side of chunky so you get a very satisfying exfoliating scrub without leaving your feet feeling that they've been shredded. The scrub has a fresh and zingy mint scent, which I prefer in a foot treatment as it smells so clean, fresh and deodorising. The sweet almond oil gives the foot scrub just the right amount of slip and holds the granules so that the scrubbiness is evenly distributed.

Easy to wash off and the granules disintegrate when soaked in warm water on removal so it's not particularly messy (much appreciated!). The oil also leaves your feet silky smooth, so there's no need for extra foot balm or lotion.

I've also found that when massaged on and around toe nails, the foot scrub also really cleans and freshens up my toe nails.

This is the perfect at-home foot treatment!

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