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3 Seasons Candle Collection

SKU: 0009
  • Our 3 Seasons candle collection is the perfect taster for each season to come. Made out of plant wax candles and blended with the finest organic essential oils fragrances, each candle burns cleanly and will fill your room with the most gorgeous aroma.


    3 x 9cl votive organic essential oil candles:


    1. Sensational Spice - Organic orange and cinnamon essential oil: A warm, sweet & spicy aroma great for those cold Winter months
    2. Fragrantly Floral – Organic Rose Geranium essential oil: A light and uplifting aroma preparing you for Spring
    3. Fresh & Fruity – Organic Grapefruit essential oil: A refreshing and zesty scent stirring your senses, perfect for Summer
  • ·        Natural plant wax material used rather than paraffin wax which is not good for the environment

    ·        Burn cleanly for up to 20 hours with hardly any soot produced

    ·        Finest quality organic essential oils used

    ·        Eco and vegan friendly

    ·        Ethically sourced and all hand poured in England

    ·        Cotton wicks used

    ·        Recycled glass and recycled packaging

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